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Projects implemented as WfWI in Kosovo and KW4W

Kosova-Women 4 Women (KW4W) is a Kosovar registered NGO built on the foundation laid down by Women for Women International (WfWI). Our mission is to support the most marginalized women in Kosovo to earn and save money, improve health and well-being, influence decisions in their home and community, and connect to networks for support. By utilizing skills, knowledge, and resources, women will be able to create sustainable change for herself, her family, and community.

KW4W staff has relevant experience of 16 years of work in Kosova, during which 32,000 women underwent training that include topics related to civic education, as well as capacity building activities and support to small actions with grassroots women. KW4W provides basic civic education as part of its social empowerment curriculum, tackling among other issues, democratization from the perspective of participation in community activities, advocacy and lobbying. As part of the economic empowerment women gain business and technical skills in different vocations, that are based on the market needs. Recently we also started to work with men, in terms of their education on different topics that relate to family and rights of women.

Currently the organization is working with twenty-two (22) regular staff members. In addition, KW4W is supported by five (5) trainers. Since 2001, KW4W (previously referred as WfWI in Kosovo) has established the group of volunteers; these volunteers over the years have passed on their role to others. By 2016, we have managed to have more than 10 volunteers who support us on conducting our activities.

In order to respond to the high unemployment the Job Placement Office has been established by KW4W as a pilot project initially and after two years of success continued to work and succeeded to facilitate the employment of more than 550 women. Micro business capital has been provided to beneficiaries respectively based on the received training. Many of our program graduates have taken the initiative to form local women’s associations to continue activities that began during their initial training. Since 2004, graduates have formed over twenty associations and five cooperatives in their communities. KW4W is considered to be one of the organizations with the most experience in Kosovo. The gained experience and knowledge will be applied in the implementation of the proposed project.

Kosova – Women 4 Women (KW4W) over the years has created various partnerships with local non-governmental organizations and relevant stakeholders. Some of the partners of KW4W are: USA Civil Military Support Element (CMSE); Kosovo Job Portal; International Organization for Migration (IOM); NGO Diakonie. Moreover, KW4W is member of CiviKos Platform, Gender Coordination Groups for USAID Programs for Economic Empowerment (EMPOWER) and Property Rights (PRP) aswell as member of the network IRIS established by Center for Legal Aid and Regional Development (CLARD). KW4W has just signed and became member of the Economic Forum of Women organized by Riinvest Institute.


Program Title: WfWI Core Program for Social and Economic empowerment of marginalized women in Kosovo
Period of implementation: Jan 2016 - Ongoing
Donor: Unrestricted Fund from WfWI (www.womenforwomen.org)
Project Goal: To contribute to Social and Economic empowerment of marginalized women in Kosovo
Coverage: Municipalities of Prishtina, Mitrovica, Kacanik, Shterpce, Ferizaj


Project title: Fostering Self-Reliance among Roma, Ashkali & Egyptian Women in Mitrovicë/a
Period of implementation: 2015-ongoing
Implementing partner: Danish Refugee Council (http://drc-kosovo.org/)
Donor: Sida
Project Goal: To contribute to economic growth among RAE community and social cohesion in Mitrovica through increased incomes and greater participation of 40 women among RAE community in Mitrovica in local communities and society
Coverage: Municipality of Mitrovica


Project title: Advancing Women’s Cooperatives in Kosovo
Period of implementation: 2014-15, and 2016-ongoing
Donor: Funding secured through Amanaska Advisory Ltd
Project Goal: The purpose of the current project is to provide continued technical support to the five cooperatives set up in 2014/15 and to support WfWI graduates in two further municipalities to create four new women’s associations with advanced business training; hosting an agricultural fair; connecting with previous beneficiaries; and providing micro-business capital (MBC)
Coverage: Municipalities of Viti, Kacanik, Shterpce, Ferizaj


Project: Marginalized Kosovo Women: Educated and Active citizens

Period of implementation: February – December 2016

Donor: US Embassy Prishtina Democracy Commission Small Grants Program

Project Goal: The goal of the proposed project was to empower marginalized women from four municipalities in Kosovo by building their knowledge and leadership capacity to participate in decision making processes at the village, municipal and central level and engage men as allies.

Coverage: Municipalities of Prishtina, Kacanik, Shterpce and Shtime

Main activities: We have built capacities of 30 women from three municipalities to participate in decision-making processes and in addition created contact with Women caucuses at the local level and at the central level. Women from each municipality were coached to form an Advocacy Plan which was then presented to the relevant authorities.


Project title: Enabling cooperation between Serbian and Albanian women via language and business in Kosovo

Period of implementation: 2014-2015

Donor: British Embassy in Kosovo

Project Goal: The project aimed to ultimately contribute to stronger ties, conflict resolution and understanding between Serbian and Albanian communities through language acquisition for Serbian and Albanian women in Kosovo to learn each other’s languages so that they can collaborate effectively on the operation and management of an agricultural marketing pre-cooperative that they have established together in the Sterpce municipality.

Coverage: Municipality of Shterpce


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