52 women graduate from KW4W program, from village Turiqevc, Municipality of Skenderaj

The social and economic empowerment of women is the pillar of a country's economic development and Women 4 Women since 1999 is still continuing with the support of women in this regard.

Within the Kosovo Women 4 Women program last week, on August 23, 52 women from Turiqevc village of Skenderaj municipality graduated.

Graduation ceremony was also attended by the biggest friend and supporter of the Women 4 Women Kosova organization, Brita Fernandez Schmidt, Director of Women for Women International - UK, which is also Senior VP Global Partnerships (Global) and board member of our organization and Kosova Women 4 Women Director, Iliriana Gashi.

This ceremony is special also for the fact that Brita visited this group in February last year, when the "Social and Economic Empowerment Training" program started ,and has promised them to visit when they graduate. Brita came together with her daughters Emma and Sara.

Graduated women have expressed gratitude to our respectable friend and thanked her for the support. In addition, with great pleasure they demonstrated the skills and knowledge they have gained from the program.

On behalf of KW4W team and all women of our program we are grateful to Brita and thank her for her visit together with the two wonderful daughters.

Special thanks to the Cartier Foundation for supporting these women through the Program of Kosova-Women 4 Women, which made it possible these trainings and develop activities for support of program women

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