Valdete Sahiti, graduated woman from WfWI Program candidate for Municipal Assembly in Viti

Valdete Sahiri, from Municipality of Viti, is another woman which challenged herself with entering politics by candidating in Local Elections held in 2017 in Kosovo. Valdete, which is one of the most active women of Municipality of Viti, when speaking chronologically about her life, which were characterized by up-s and down-s regarding her frequency of activities, tells us that she was a very active woman before getting married. But, as she says, after getting married and getting pregnant somehow she got very passive day by day until the day she heard about Women for Women International, now Kosova –Women for Women. As she says “being part of the one year of the KW4W program, was like being reborn because due to the several activities during the program I managed to get out of my “ total passivity zone” for which I wasn’t even conscious I was in. “The one year program which I finished in 2015 was the returning point for me, since after several years I started to get more and more active again, this time in a more dynamic way. Thanks to the support of my husband and the community, I got more self-confidence and got even more active”. Valdete, stressing out the crucial role the organization KW4W played in her life, tells us that during the program she and a group of women who took part in the program founded the “ Agri Skifteraj” association and she was elected director. Valdete, points out that now the association is very strong and active and has won donations which made possible for the women of Skifteraj to get self-employed and to create a business in their own through the cultivation and conservation of vegetables. “Thanks to the several trainings I’ve participated in, now I am able to write excellent business plans which helped me as individual, but also the association to strengthen and to grow up”.

Whereas, when speaking about the reasons why she took the decision to candidate for Assembly of Municipality of Viti, Valdete stresses out the it was exactly the community and her family who push her run for election, and also the actual situation in public services in Municipality of Viti. She says that problems they’re facing in everyday life with public services, which go in a circle are just enough as justification of her candidation. Even though she didn’t make it to win a seat in assembly of Municipality she is determined to continue to give her contribution in her community even though not with political meanings. She says that she is going to contribute by empowering their business which will also help women empower their position within the family and in society in general.

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