Valbona finished a sewing training before registering in the WfWI program but she couldn’t work due to family obligations.

“I always had a strong will to work, but I didn’t have the support I needed to find employment. First and foremost, my father didn’t send me to school due to economic conditions at that time. Then, I married and had children to take care of, I raised two boys and one girl”.

“In 2015 I joined the WfWI program. I was 35 years old. The program trainings helped me a lot. I had the opportunity to attend a Career Development training as part of the WfWI program. I established an association for processing and canning of fruits and vegetables before graduation. WfWI supported and assisted me in every way. I also had the support of the Ministry of Agriculture”.

Initially, Valbona’s association had only 5 members but, after the association became successful in finding the market for their products, the number of interested women to become members grew and now the association has 20 members. During 2015-2017 Valbona received three times donations equipment for work from the Municipality of Viti, from Foundation Kosovo- Luxembourg and the German Embassy. Thanks to these donations women were able to produce and sell more of their products, participating also in different fairs held in Ferizaj, Viti and Prishtina.

In 2017 Valbona started her own business with the same name, “Hortikultura”. The business enables them to sell their products at shopping centres.

“The more you work the more you will accomplish. The support of the husband/family is essential. It is only through hard work that you can create your network and expand your activity” – is Valbona’s message to all women.

Arbëria III, p.n. Prishtinë 10000

+377 (0)45 266 267, +386 (0)49 555 451