Vocational Training in Mitrovice

Kosova Women 4 Women travelled to Mitrovice as part of the ongoing core project in the area. The lesson of the day dealt with the creation and development of sustainable greenhouses for the women who are expanding their agriculture business. They were taught step by step, the necessary components for constructing a greenhouse, from the land to the glass, the structure. The information as coupled with important price guideline to ensure that women are fully informed of the approximate costs of the construction. The most important lesson during the day was the fact that a greenhouse is a communal institution meant to be shared and embraced by all the women, they all contribute to its improvement so that later on it can provide success to them. The greenhouse has become even more popular given the long and bitterly cold winter of last year which caused massive crop failures throughout Kosovo.

While the discussion was very interesting, the women showed to be energetic about even newer initiatives. Among the chatter, the talked about how to better cooperate with the municipality government and which initiatives are most successful for bringing stability. The women also declared that the most important tool for growth in Mitrovice was the need to be hardworking and willing to take a chance to grow their crops and themselves.

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