Kosovo -Women 4 Women take part at Etno-Fest

During August 2017, Kosovo Women for Women took part in the seventh edition of Etno Fest, which took place in the village of Kukaj. The festival which promotes taditional values, culture and albanian traditional culinary, this year represented a dozen of different dishes of albanian traditional cuisine that were cooked by women who graduated in KW4W program successfully, and now have their own asocciations.

Asociations that prepared their typical regional food for the participants of the festival were: "Alba" from village of Prugovc, municipality of Prishtine, "Women's Group" from village of Mazhiq, Municipality of Mitrovica, "Shegeza" from village of Brezhnice, Municipality of Obiliq, "Banja" from village of Bajnice, Municipality of Kaçanik, "Sofra" from Municipality of Mitrovica and "Bliri" from Municipality of Drenas.

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